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All Democrats and/or those interested in the Democratic Party are invited to join whether you live in the West University Area or not.  Membership allows you to vote on officers and drive the direction of the club. Your dues ensure that the club’s mission to educate and motivate activity to increase Democratic voter turnout is achieved.

To become a member, please:

  1. Complete the following form.

  2. Once you have completed this form, please pay your dues here or you can write a check to the West University Area Democrats and mail to 4118 Milton St., Houston, TX 77005.

Step 1 - Complete the form

Thank you! To complete your membership registration, see step 2 below.

Step 2 - Pay your dues

Donate $25 below or write a check to the "West University Area Democrats" and mail it to 4118 Milton St., Houston, TX 77005.

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